Wine bottle stoppers and writing pens are a wonderful way to enjoy the natural beauty of exotic and unusual woods as well as putting them to practical use. Three types of wine stoppers are available, chrome, cork and neoprene. Pens are available in a variety of styles. Some are available with custom clasps, such as a golf club, baseball bat, fishing pole etc.
Wine Bottle Stoppers and Pens
Grouping of several pen styles and woods
Black Walnut Pen & Pencil Set in Gift Box
Roller Ball Pens
Black Walnut, Tiger Maple and Bubinga
Neoprene & Chrome
Cheese Plate with Chrome Stoppers
Neoprene Stoppers
Chrome Stoppers
Chrome Stoppers
Ice Carving Set with 24 inch Tiger Maple Handles for the Executive Chef at BCC
Boxed Ice Carving Set
Black Walnut Rolling Pin (24” long, 2” diameter)