David is especially fond of working with exotic domestic and imported hardwoods for custom designed pieces and for his ring boxes and bowls. He can be contacted by email with questions or special order items.mailto:davidcbeehler@Bellsouth.net?subject=Wood%20Working%20Requestshapeimage_1_link_0
Custom Kitchen Work Island. Cherry frame, and drawer front, 1 1/2” thick Maple Cutting Surface and  wine bottle rack
Custom Kitchen Work Island - Solid Cherry Frame, 1 1/2” thick Maple Cutting Surface, and adjustable height shelf
Custom Work Station
King size, solid cherry, pencil post bed
Pencil post bed - finial detaiil
Pencil post bed - rail to post detail
Neoprene Wine Stoppers
Black Walnut “Nursing Mother Stool” Designed by Jim
Mississippi River Boat
From Class taught by David at Country Day Creative Arts Metairie, LA
Mississippi River Boat
Custom Bar Stool
Solid Cherry and Woven Natural Rush Seat
Monkey Pod Bowl
50” Cherry TV Stand
Grey Glass Shelves
Internment Urn
Norfolk Island Pine
with Ebony Finial
M. Van Wagenen
Black Walnut Praydeau for
Quilt Hanger
Claro Walnut Bowl
Individual Maple Salad Bowls
Canary Wood
Small turned box of Monkey Pod Wood
Monkey Pod Wood
Monkey Pod Wood
Neoprene and Chrome Wine Bottle Stoppers
Chrome Wine Bottle Stoppers
Eleven inch Diameter Cheese Plate
Cheese Plate_Stoppers
Chrome Wine Stoppers
Ring Boxes
Elm Bowl 9” Dia.
Black Walnut
Natural Edge Cherry
Claro Walnut
Quilted Maple
Myrtle Wood
24” Cherry Pepper Mill and Black Walnut Rolling   Pin
7” Dia. Cherry Bowl with bark inclusion
11” Dia. Maple Bowl
Russ Brown Family
11” Dia. Maple Bowl
Russ Brown Family
Turned Cherry Box
“Hobbit House”
Mrs. C. Hollies Collection
11” Dia. Cocobola Wood Cheese Tray
10” Dia. Paduck with Segmented Tiger Maple Rim
12” Dia. Natural Edge Elm Bowl
3” Dia. Norfolk Island Pine
8” Dia. Norfolk Island Pine
11” Dia. Rosewood Bowl for Norman Hughes Landenberg, PA
9” Dia Natural Edge Claro Walnut Bow.
13” Dia. Natural Edge Elm  Bowl
9” Dia. Norfolk Island Pine
6” Dia. Natural Edge Magnolia Bowl
8” Dia. Butternut Bowl Mrs: G. W. Coakley Falling Spring, VA
11 “ Dia. Butternut Bowl
12” Dia. Claro Walnut
10” Dia. Natural Edge Cherry Burl
10” Dia. Natural Edge Cherry Burl
7 “ Dia. Spaulted Mango
David Eiland, San Francisco
10” Dia. Natural Edge Cherry
5”Dia. Natural Edge Magnolia
7” Dia. Natural Edge Cherry
8” Dia. Natural Edge Mesquite
9” Dia. Natural Edge Magnolia
10” Dia. Natural Edge Pecan - Made for
C. Savante, NO, LA
10” Natural Edge Pecan
Tiger Maple Long Handled Ice Carving Set and Case for
Executive Chef BCC
Brentwood, TN
Maple Examination Stand for Dr. P. Nathan
Screwdrivers with hand turned exotic wood handles
Custom Oak Shelf Incorporating Antique Fox Head & Oak Door Handle
Mr. & Mrs. W. Van Sant
Middleburg, VA
9” Dia. Mango