This page consists of photos of various pieces that are available for purchase. The price does NOT include shipping. If you are interested in a particular item, contact dave for an estimate of shipping cost and method of
10” dia. Distressed Oak Burl with natural edge and multiple worm holes and knots
Another view of the 10”dia. Distressed Oak Burl
Hand turned “six way” screwdrivers, phillips, spade, 2 sizes of square drive and two nut drivers. Available in a variety of styles and woods.  $29.50 ea. or two for $55.00
Canary Wood 4” dia. X 1 1/2” high
More hand turned “six way” screwdrivers showing some additional exotic hardwoods. Pricing same as above.
Cherry Bowl 10” dia.
Carved from the crotch of the tree which produced the feather pattern in the center.     $135.00
Myrtle Wood 4” dia. X 4” high
$45.00 SOLD
9” Dia. Norfolk Island Pine
12” Dia. Claro Walnut
5”Dia. Natural Edge Magnolia
Natural edge walnut 7” dia. Streaks in the light color areas are caused by spaulting.  See view to the right for more detailed description. “Mother’s Embrace”
Natural edge black walnut 7” dia. Carved from the intersection of several branches with the trunk of the tree. Light & dark areas are new and old growth. “Mother’s Embrace”                                      $95.00
Wine bottle stoppers, chrome and stainless steel.
$19.50 ea. or two for $37.00
Natural edge walnut 6” dia. Light color areas are new growth with streaks caused by “spaulting.”
Ring boxes, left to right - Black Walnut, Cherry, Red Bud and, maple.
$39.00 each
Acorn boxes, Maple & Black Walnut
$39.00 each
Honey locust “ring box” 3” dia.
“Rescue” Cherry burl rescued from a housing development in Delaware. Nine (9”) diameter.            $295.00
Black Walnut, natural edge, 12” diameter
The variation in color is beautiful from light cream of the new growth to dark reds and rich browns of the heartwood.
Chinaberry, 12” diameter, largest of the nested set shown to the right. Available as a single item for $125.00
Chinaberry nested bowl set. Largest bowl is 12” diameter. Available as a set for $195
Stainless Steel salad server set with hand turned Claro Walnut handles.