Custom Woodworking
By David C. Beehler
    David currently lives in West Grove, PA having recently moved from Kenner, LA,  a suburb of New Orleans. Following hurricane Katrina, he refinished, refurbished and reconstructed over 100 pieces of furniture from flooded homes in the area. 
    David has had a passion for woodworking since he was a child. Throughout his youth and adult life he has refinished many pieces of furniture for family and friends, gaining experience with various finishes and woods.  He has made several pieces of furniture over the years. Following his retirement from industry, he has devoted full time to honing his skills as a wood worker and designer. He has produced over 300 ring boxes and over 200 turned bowls including natural edge bowls as shown on the “Bowls” page(s). The quilt hangers and vertical quilt racks were designed by his brother Charles Beehler who lives in Fredrick, CO. Customers throughout the continental US have purchased these quilt display pieces.  Philip Beehler, Chuck’s son produces a line of hand made wooden fire trucks for children - view them on his

Custom made quilt hangers have become very popular with the quilt community. The hangers allow quilters to display their treasures in a variety of ways. David uses different designs for various quilt sizes and display objectives.

If you quilt or know someone that does, David’s hangers/racks could be very useful. They are currently used by quilters to display quilts for sale in shops  as well as to show special quilts or antique quilts in homes. Large wall spaces lend themselves to quilt hangings and become a great center piece for any room.

Salad / Cheese / Decorative
Bowls have so many functions. David’s unique designs make it a pleasure to use them or to simply display them as art. He strives to ability to find wood with special colors and grain and then design the bowl shape to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. He is especially fond of turning natural edge bowls such as the one shown on the right because it shows the growth rings, the new growth (sap wood) and in many cases, the bark.
All of David’s bowls are safe to use with food, so they provide a unique way to store fresh fruit or serve that special dish.

Store, Display 

David first started making these lovely boxes for his wife’s rings. His business grew to making larger items to store jewelry of all sizes and display business cards for both men and women. These boxes make great graduation and anniversary gifts. Each comes lined with felt in a color that compliments the wood.

Great Gifts!
These are a great gift idea for wine lovers. They can be  coupled with a nice bottle of wine as a house warming gift or to simply say Thank You to someone. These stoppers are an elegant way to re-cork an unfinished bottle of wine.